Don’t let the innovation race leave your customers behind

Don’t let the innovation race leave your customers behind

Learn about the importance of keeping users at the centre of the innovation process and the role design thinking can have in helping businesses speed up this process in Stephanie Lamont’s latest article. Stephanie, our Experience Design Director, was featured in the summer edition of the Business Excellence magazine for the Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The digital landscape has changed significantly over the last decade, with the way Australians use, interact and rely on technology. The increasing pace of technological change means that businesses are investing in technology to assist in the development of new products and services, all aimed at improving the customer experience and building brand loyalty. However, with so much opportunity to leverage new technology, many organisations feel the pressure to introduce it without a defined role or need for it.

We often treat the technological solution as the end result, rather than the customers’ need. To ensure we deliver on opportunities to optimise and leverage technology, we need to stop thinking about the technology as the means to an.

This is where Human Centred Design (HCD) comes in. HCD provides a useful framework and process for ensuring customers stay at the centre of the design process and are not the ones left behind in the race for innovation. HCD assists in speeding up the innovation process by developing solutions to the problems customers encounter, crucially  involving the customer or user throughout the process, to ensure the most viable solution can be implemented.

HCD is a creative design thinking process, whereby research is used to build empathy with users. With trust established, ideation can take place and practical design solutions delivered. To build empathy, we use a variety of methodologies, including, contextual inquires and ethnographic research to better understand customers and learn how they interact with products and services in the current context. Only in this way can we truly ideate solutions that solve real problems for customers.

This article originally appeared in the Summer edition of the Business Excellence Magazine. View the full article here.

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